Friday, June 12, 2009

My PCLinuxOS 2009 "MiniMe"

I am not just a big fan of PCLinuxOS rather my computing life becomes difficult without it. Doing my routine home and office work on my computer is always a risky task on Windows and Linux is the best safe alternative for that. My daily Linux experimentation also compel me to have something as a backup and as a "rescuer". PCLinuxOS 2008 "MiniMe" is the best candidate for that and it is always lying on my desk and in my office bag to be handy.

PCLinuxOS 2008 "MiniMe" is quite an old release and it needed to be updated to current 2009 status and I was looking for some perfect way to do it. PCLinuxOS forums are always full of valuable information and there I found what I was looking for .

Texstar says it in his own words as:

How to do full update on clean install Minime 08 as of 5-23-09??

OK here's my steps from a clean install of minime 08 to full update:

1. Install the following:


2. Install the following:


3. Mark All and Click Apply.

I followed these steps and changed the looks of my PCLinuxOS 2009 "MiniMe" by adding a wallpaper of my choice and installing nuoveXT-aero icons and added Opera browser for me and made a new custom iso with "mklivecd" and everything is working perfectly on my PCLinuxOS 2009 "MiniMe". The size of the iso is not true minime as the updates made it bit bigger than actual minime but it is still the original basic minime with changed graphics and Opera added.

Happy home,Office and rescue with with my PCLinuxOS 2009 "MiniMe" is all ready and working great.


The Englishman said...

Good to see you blogging again!

Dr.Saleem Khan said...


I try to write whenever I get a chance,its fun to blog about those things which you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Minime 2009 is out. :-)