Saturday, June 13, 2009

PCLinuxOS going to get KDE4

I will not say much to avoid spreading rumors but what I came to know last night from Texstar on PCLinuxOS forums is that PCLinuxOS will be getting KDE4 packages as Tex said:

"KDE4 will be available before the end of June for PCLinuxOS."

How will this update be applied and what changes will be made to current stable PCLinuxOS before and after this update is still awaited.

Hope it will be a good change.


Anonymous said...

It is whupping me tail at the moment. KDM refuses to log me into any desktop.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

KDM with kde 3 or kde4 and on PCLinuxOS?

If kdm is not working on kde3 you should report to PCLinuxOS forum and if you have installed KDE4 on PCLinuxOS from one of the old packages then you sure are going to end up in problems because those packages were just experimental as Texstar has mentioned on the forum.

C Solis Photography said...

If your desktop session as any 'user' except root, belongs to root, then you will not be able to log in as that user. I've run into this problems a few times, and only had to log in as root, and change that user's home folder and all contents to the name and group of that user. It has less to do with kdm than it does userdrake when you created that account. Tex is also working on a fix for it.

Anonymous said...

The KDM login has been resolved.