Saturday, July 4, 2009

MY PCLinuxOS LXDE Remaster

Me and Neal from PCLinuxOS are trying to make a working PCLinuxOS LXDE Remaster for those users who are not easy with KDE4 and apprehend KDE3 will be gone with time and for those with aging computers.

I had been doing remastering for quite some time on PCLinuxOS and recently when I expressed my interest at PCLinuxOS forum about LXDE Remaster Neal asked me to join him as he is also interested in making such a remaster.

We both are working on it bits by bits, things are quite good in shape and I hope soon Neal might release a test iso.

Here is a a scheenshot of my remaster,it is all set from my side, just one minor issue left which if I can`t fix then Neal will do it. I am going to upload my ISO to Neal soon and he will be doing the rest of testing.

I used PCLinuxOS Minime 2009.2 and Neal is using ZenMini 2009 as base for this remaster.

I hope it will be a nice addition to the PCLinuxOS family.

More reading about what is happening about this remaster can be found in these two threads on PCLinuxOS Forum and on MyPCLinuxOS Forum.

My PCLinuxOS KDE4 remaster Desktop

Finally I am posting a screenshot of my PCLinuxOS KDE4 remaster Desktop I just made from PCLinuxOS Minime 2009.

More details of how I made this remsater are to be put here soon.