Monday, August 13, 2007

Why do we use Linux as Home Users?

Why does a common Linux Home User who has little knowledge of the technicalities of an Operating System he or she uses e.g Windows , Mac OS or in that matter any other Operating System has any reasons to switch from the above Operating Systems and switch over to Linux?

1: Is Linux easy to use for a Linux non expert home user?

2: Is it because Linux is free of cost & people don`t want to pay for Commercial Operating Systems?

3: Is he or she worried about his/her system security and bothered by the viruses and spy wares ?

4: Is Linux more eye candy than other Operating Systems?

5: Does Linux offer lot more innovative tools than other Operating Systems?

Please answer these questions and let us find out why do we use Linux as a home user.

Please suggest any other reasons if you have in your mind .