Monday, April 28, 2008

" my cybershot ventures" I Artististic expressions of a Medical Doctor

I have friends, we all have friends. But then some friends are more than friends, they are life time happening with us.

Samir Rana is a Medical Doctor and a health care administrator but he rarely introduces himself as a doctor ( even his blog page
doesn`t say he is a doctor). He is an artistic mind with artisitc talents and a life time fanaticism and craving for expression of arts.

He is running "my cybershot ventures" blog where he is expressing his artistic talents through the eye of digital photography. He captures the scenes of common happenings around us which we often ignore and brings the beauty that lies hidden in those trivial scenes into our vision.
His artistic potentials were always there, he kept looking for an outlet, a source of expression of his inner world. This took him along a long path of sitting on shrines, practicing "Malang" life and reincarnating as Sidharta Gautama.
It looks like he has found a real canvas of "blogging" this time where he is all ready to paint every single color of his inner artistic turmoil wildly and in a care free manner.
I am sure this will let his mercurial soul calm down a bit and let the whole world know what he always wanted to tell them.

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