Monday, December 21, 2009


I love my PCLXDE , it runs like a breeze on my machine .

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My PCLinuxOS KDE4 Minime Remaster

Here is a nice looking screenshot of my PCLinuxOS KDE4 Minime Remaster!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PCLinuxOS Supports Ext4 File System

There is this thread on PCLinuxOS Forum which talks about the Ext4 file system support on PCLinuxOS . I had a discussion about it with Neal . Neal has left a comment on this thread ( Reply #22 ) on September 22, 2009 which says that 2009.3 the next quarterly update CD will have ext4 support.  Here is an unofficial "how to" for getting Ext4 on PCLinuxOS currently.

1 : Install   the latest Kernel and fully update your system from synaptic.

2: Format your root partition as Ext4 from the "drakelive-install" during installation and install PCLinuxOS to it.

3: To check and confirm that you have Ext4 on your root partition after installation use "mount" command in shell .

This can also be confirmed from PCC > Local Disks > Manage local partitions and click on the partition that you want to check. The file system type will be listed in the information pane along with size and mount point .

4: During next install if your root partition is formatted with Ext4 file system draklive-install will automatically pick and format it and get you Ext4 file system.

I tested it myself and it works flawlessly on my current PCLXDE installation. I recommend to give it a try and in case of on any issues report at the the thread  I already mentioned above.