Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What makes KDE superior to GNOME for home users?

I am a KDE user and advocate and although I am very clear that it is an individual choice but I still see few points that I think make KDE superior to GNOME for home users.

GNU/Linux home users would prefer KDE as compared to GNOME because of few reasons.

1: They are previous M$ Windows users and the transition from Windows to GNU/Linux because smooth and comfortable because KDE offers more user friendly and Windows like computing environment than GNOME does.

2: Most of the recent Desktop Linux Distributions offer KDE as a main desktop environment along with GNOME and others ( e.g XFCE ) available from repositories for installation if one desires it. PCLinuxOS ( 2008 Minime ) is an awesome Desktop Linux distribution that offers KDE with a great performance ,looks and feel for home users.

3: KDE has got a strong and highly active community and KDE development keeps a fast pace with the routine requirements of computing for home users .

4: KDE offers stability and great looks for home users of all ages including kids .KDE looks prettier than GNOME on a home desktop and laptop computer.

KDE is a great desktop environment especially for newbies and home users . If we want GNU/Linux grow and spread to homes and common users then in my humble opinion we have to promote KDE .
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