Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What makes KDE superior to GNOME for home users?

I am a KDE user and advocate and although I am very clear that it is an individual choice but I still see few points that I think make KDE superior to GNOME for home users.

GNU/Linux home users would prefer KDE as compared to GNOME because of few reasons.

1: They are previous M$ Windows users and the transition from Windows to GNU/Linux because smooth and comfortable because KDE offers more user friendly and Windows like computing environment than GNOME does.

2: Most of the recent Desktop Linux Distributions offer KDE as a main desktop environment along with GNOME and others ( e.g XFCE ) available from repositories for installation if one desires it. PCLinuxOS ( 2008 Minime ) is an awesome Desktop Linux distribution that offers KDE with a great performance ,looks and feel for home users.

3: KDE has got a strong and highly active community and KDE development keeps a fast pace with the routine requirements of computing for home users .

4: KDE offers stability and great looks for home users of all ages including kids .KDE looks prettier than GNOME on a home desktop and laptop computer.

KDE is a great desktop environment especially for newbies and home users . If we want GNU/Linux grow and spread to homes and common users then in my humble opinion we have to promote KDE .
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manmath sahu said...

hi saleem,

it feels good to read your post. here are my opinions on why kde is better than gnome apart from the cosmetics.

1. kde is more configurable. it is interesting and intuitive to change settings in kde. gnome locks much of its configuration from the home user though one can configure it in gnome-control-center, the options are not abundant or good.

2. applications written for kde are better than those written for gnome or any other. for example, there is no replacement for k3b. gnome offers nautilus cd burner and brasero but they are just not as versatile as k3b. there are many such kde apps that outdo their gnome counterparts. of course, one can use kde apps inside gnome after installing kdelibs, but it's generally better to use kde apps on top of kde environment.

3. kde has been getting better community attention than gnome. gnome is an enterprise pet. for example big guns like canonical, redhat and novell are integrating gnome for enterprise computing. whereas pclinuxos, mepis, mandriva and many bsd flavours are supporting kde. and i love these distributions who have very less or no corporate influence. by the way i find them pack more punch for home computing than those redhat, ubuntu or suse.

4. lastly, kde4 (though not really ready for desktop now) is really a groundbreaking leap forward. it seemed to me more polished than mac aqua or windows explorer. gnome will take a lot of time and labour to reach this level.