Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Custom-made PCLinuxOS LXDE 2009.4

I like KDE as my sole working DE on PCLinuxOS but LXDE has always fascinated me. Neal has ultimately released the working LXDE Remaster of PCLinuxOS and I installed it as dual boot with my PCLinuxOS KDE4 .

It has no apparent issues,everything is running perfectly smooth because it has PCLinuxOS as backbone plus Neal has worked a lot on this LXDE remaster .

Graphics are purely LXDE oriented and that is a good addition. LXDE Control Center along with PCLinuxOS Control Center gives me full control to configure my system according to my computer`s hardware and desktop requirement.

Neal released a basic ISO upon which one can build a system according to one`s own requirements. I added some packages which me and my daughter share on this computer.

I am sure this LXDE version of PCLinuxOS is going to be yet another successful addition to already existing sister projects.

Thanks to Neal and Texstar for all his good and efforts.