Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kurumin NG 8.06 Final | Simply amazing.

Yesterday on 17/06/2008 Leandro.Santos Launched the Kurumin NG 8.06 Final . The first stable version of Kurumin NG is available for download from the Kurumin main download server.
The Link for download by Bittorrent is LinuxTracker

Here is my Kurumin Desktop Screenshot.

Kurumin NG 8.06, is a Brazilian desktop distribution based on Kubuntu 8.04 which can be run Live and installed both in in Portuguese and English. During boot from Live CD the option to choose either of these is given at boot splash or can be activated by pressing F2 button.

Live CD

The Live CD of Kurumin NG 8.06 runs entirely from the CD without the need for installation, although it may well be installed in HD, like any traditional distribution.When it boots with CD, it automatically recognizes all hardware and automatically configures the computer, no matter which configuration, if the components are compatible with Linux will be in charge of the system leaves it running without any intervention from the user.


There is an icon on the Kurumin NG desktop which gives the option to install the Live CD onto the hard disk. The
Kurumin NG 8.06 installer is a typical Ubuntu installer with the option to install Kurumin in English too,and in about 15 minutes Kurumin NG 8.06 is fairly and squarely installed to the hard drive without any issues.

More news regarding this latest release of Kurumin will be coming from me once I test install it.

Pioneer Linux Basic 3.2.0 | A shiny new Release

Technology Alignment has announced the release of Pioneer Linux 3.2, a KDE-based desktop Linux distribution based on the recently released Ubuntu 8.04: today on 17/06/2008 . The detailed press release for this latest version can be read at the The Technalign and Pioneer Linux Press Home Page.

The Technalign and Pioneer Linux has established a forum for posting any queries and getting help for everyone.

The ISO files can be downloaded from The Technalign and Pioneer Linux download page . The torrent of this ISO is expected to be uploaded at THE PIRATE BAY soon.

Dianne Ursini is the CEO of Technalign, Inc. Dianne has been in the IT field since 1971 and she is well seasoned in development, sales, marketing & consulting. Her Blog can be accessed at Technalign's Blog by Dianne Ursini where she writes about Pioneer Linux and everything that goes on at Technalign.

I had a brief email conversation with her about Pioneer Linux and she defines the goal of Pioneer Linux in these simple words very clearly.

" We're not a flashy distribution. We're more of the rock solid, easy to use system people outside of the Linux community want. Our programs folders replace Automatix also, and it's just a solid and unbloated system ".

I ,as a home user clearly understand the importance of this concept because a home user would look more for ease of use, stability and unbloated system than an eye candy and flashy distribution.

I test installed the previous versions of Pioneer Linux and it was a good experience if not an excellent one . I am looking forwards to try this latest release and report back about it sooner.