Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Frugalware Linux 0.7 "Sayshell"

Frugalware Linux from Hungary is a nicely crafted Desktop Linux Distribution ( DLD ) for general and home use , forked out of Slackware Linux and utilizing Arch Linux
"pacman" package manager.

Frugalware means " Little on resources " and as
VMiklos from Frugalware team says " Ware is stuff, frugal is frugal , something simple and humble" so is this nice Linux distribution.

A new stable version Frugalware Linux 0.7 "Sayshell" was released on Sat Oct 13, 2007 ref page Frugalware for further details .
The DVDs for i686 can be downloaded from here
f6f731a45467274bcc1f7d987f3ccef6697dec03 frugalware-0.7-i686-dvd1.iso
0443681c558f231b408e4add725635afe1b48af6 frugalware-0.7-i686-dvd2.iso
NOTE: Don't get the second DVD unless you don't have an internet connection or you are on dial up.

Installation is simple, straight forward Slackware text based installation which any intermediate Linux user can handle easily .
Post installation system runs smooth and stable and offers all tools any Linux home user needs.

Additional packages and upgrades can be easily installed via GUI Ggpm which is new addition to current version and works flawlessly.

I faced small problem with KPPP which was resolved easily by creating options file and copying /etc/resolv.conf file , further details can be found
here I am sure Frugalware will attract more and more masses as it is ineed another Best Linux Distribution for Home Users.

Happy Frugalware Linux experience to everybody !

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Road to GNU/Linux , Linux found on Highway!

I was hooked to Windows for years and years on and I never thought I would be using any other operating system than Windows.
This was time of sadness,boredom and irritability as I could not think of or find any alternate to Windows.
It was a cold , cloudy evening of Dec 2003 and I was walking back home from PIMS ( Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences ) Islamabad where I was working as a Psychiatry resident.
Crossing the road in G-8 Markaz I saw a pack of "some CDs" lying on road. I just picked up the pack ,put them in my bag and went home.
That night was my first step into the world of GNU/Linux when I pulled out that pack of CDs from my bag to check what it contained. The label read as Red Hat 9 Linux 3CDs.
Not knowing what it was I plunged the CD 1 into CD-ROM to see what it contained but there were some weird looking files on it. While I was almost ready to throw the pack into trash bin a thought clicked and I started looking online for Red Hat 9 Linux.
When I got up from my chair that night it was already 3 am and a "New Operating System" was running on my PC!
From that point onwards my world has changed altogether and so I always tell myself ....

Road to GNU/Linux , Linux found on Highway!