Thursday, November 15, 2007

Road to GNU/Linux , Linux found on Highway!

I was hooked to Windows for years and years on and I never thought I would be using any other operating system than Windows.
This was time of sadness,boredom and irritability as I could not think of or find any alternate to Windows.
It was a cold , cloudy evening of Dec 2003 and I was walking back home from PIMS ( Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences ) Islamabad where I was working as a Psychiatry resident.
Crossing the road in G-8 Markaz I saw a pack of "some CDs" lying on road. I just picked up the pack ,put them in my bag and went home.
That night was my first step into the world of GNU/Linux when I pulled out that pack of CDs from my bag to check what it contained. The label read as Red Hat 9 Linux 3CDs.
Not knowing what it was I plunged the CD 1 into CD-ROM to see what it contained but there were some weird looking files on it. While I was almost ready to throw the pack into trash bin a thought clicked and I started looking online for Red Hat 9 Linux.
When I got up from my chair that night it was already 3 am and a "New Operating System" was running on my PC!
From that point onwards my world has changed altogether and so I always tell myself ....

Road to GNU/Linux , Linux found on Highway!

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A.R said...

What a miraculous story ;) My tale was quite a boring one: a friend of mine told me about the thing and kindly lended a disc with RedHat 5.2. Since then, I like this system very much.