Saturday, August 11, 2007

KDE & KDE Lite

KDE is a great Desktop Environment for GNU/Linux, KDE is growing fast but KDE is getting bloated & fatter than ever. A poll from shows that 43.5 % of people used KDE as their Desktop Environment as compared to the other major counterpart GNOME 26.5 %.

Today many Linux end users are just plain non professional Home Users & not Linux experts or Gurus.

While most users would prefer using the fully loaded KDE with all the available tools on it, most of newbies and Home Users only prefer basic and selective tools like a chat client, a torrent client, an ftp client, a download manager, media players and media burning tools .

Rapidly growing KDE is doing good but has it`s developers ever thought with the Linux beginner’s point of view and offering them an official alternate of KDE Lite along with KDE ?

In pursuit of such KDE Lite version few Linux Distributions offer such a choice.

1: Arch Linux offers its own customized KDE (KDEmod , KDE on steroids)

2: Easys GNU/Linux also offers a Lite version of KDE.

3: Independent project like Simple KDE is another alternative offering a lightweight, clean and user-friendly desktop environment based on KDE.

All these all these efforts are exerted to create a non bloated, clean, uncluttered version of KDE for Linux Beginners & Home Users along with experts who are not interested in lots of tools on their desktops. But all these efforts are individual, community driven and it will be more appropriate if Official KDE Project offers an alternate KDE Lite to all such users.