Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hymera Open Not so easy and stable

My story about this new debian based distro goes like this :: although the DW Hymera page says it is multilingual including en but they installer is only italian and all you have to do during installation is to do a guess work plus the installer is not easy at all as compared to what Hymera people say, and after installation the system refuse to boot at all beyond GRUB:::something related to kernel???

I adopted a different method for installing Hymera:::grabbed a lenny netinstall cd:::installed base system and added hymera repo ( http://mirror.hymera.it/standard/ ) removing lenny official repos and installed full hymera system maintaing ext3 file system instead of ext4 and lenny kernel . You can see my Hymera installed system in these screenshots.

Now the repository from hymera has huge packages available but lots of packages are still missing and you have to re add lenny official repos to get a working system despite the warning from hymera team to use only their own repos. Also you have to set keyboard ley out from italian to en.

This distro has potential but needs lot of work and despite the adds given by hymera at DW this distro is not yet ready for its claimed potentials and I am sure not everybody would either think of or adopt an alternate method of installing this distro as I did.

To be honest and not too critical it doesn`t have something really exciting except some latest packages e.g Open Office which is again broken, ext4 file system and latest kernel which gives problem after installation .

The boot loader gets installed to mbr: I checked grub menu to confirm but something is wrong with the kernel that prevents system to boot at all and many has reported this issue on their forum.

Still wish best of luck to Hymera team .


Hymera said...

the problems have been solved now everything is ok

Dr.Saleem Khan said...


Sorry to inform you but the latest English release of Hymera is still giving the same problem::it installs well but never boots to desktop::something is still wrong with either the kernel or GRUB.


Tom said...

Thanks for the info on this distro. I couldn't get it to work either and have been driving myself crazy trying. I give up. I hope the Italians can fix it.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...


They are working on it actively,may be with time it will get better.But at the moment it is hopeless as I could never even boot it once on my system

Click Solutions said...

simply change the kerel params to read /dev/hda1. mine was reading /dev/sda1 after install and thats why it could not boot. changing this on grub did the trick and now am enjoying the italian experience. :)

Anonymous said...

I just recently installed it and I had the same problems getting it to boot. After changing the entries in fstab to hda it booted. However when reaches to the login screen I am unable to login. My usb keyboard and mouse drivers are not being loaded. I tried by uncommenting usb on the blacklist still no luck.

Graham said...

try changing with other model. good luck :)

Anonymous said...

That distro doesnt boot at all, put it in my desktop pc and then it freezes while loading the installer screen.

While my other distros like Mint, Suse, Sabayon and Centos or Black Panther and Karmic Alpha are running well.

This is the first and only LInux that freeze my pc while booting in the last ten years.

The today mentioned ISO cannot be downloaded, it resolves in a 0 byte file.

Theres not only muchwork needed, this distro is really unuseable.

Anonymous said...

After downloading the iso the PC freezes while booting.

That really needs a lot of work.

No other distro get stuck while booting on my system.


Anonymous said...


Not stable, dont boot at all.

Maybe test it later again when its adult.

Anonymous said...

The issues may just be your own or a not so wide spread issue considering certain hardware. Take this into consideration as I have had absolutely no issue with installation nor operation, with exception to a slightly older HP Pavillion with an older Nvidia graphics card, which requires an older Nvidia driver in the 96.XX series.
Just thought I would point that out, as I have made many posts throughout my open source use, only to find out on occasion that I was indeed jumping to a false conclusion.
What is your PC or Laptop hardware configuration? How old is it?

matematicomarpla said...

1) I try Hymera today, and it IS stable, very easy setup, very easy post-setup configuration.

2) I have tried Hymera in THREE PCs, in my own house. None of the three could be said remarkably up-to-date.

3) Of course, in my own machine (with 4 GiB memory and a decent graphic card), Hymera performs better. But the same can be told of any OS, of course ...

4) Even in my little children's PC (four years ald, with very low-quality memory and a low-end graphics card), it is false that Hymera don't boot ...