Friday, July 18, 2008

PCLinuxOS : The Best Desktop GNU/Linux

While reading the " today's leftovers " I came across two interesting posts :
1: Top Tip: What Linux version for a newcomer to Linux?
2: What version of linux seems to be the least buggiest ?

These both posts point towards two basic and very important factors which play a role in the selection of any GNU/Linux distribution by a newcomer or a home user.

There are many Desktop Linux distributions out there today but the PCLinuxOS by Texstar is one of well known distribution which fulfills both of these criteria. It works both for newcomers and seasoned Linux users and along with its user friendliness it offers the stability and bug free computing environment .

The excellent hardware support , availability of huge number of stable packages at the repositories and pleasant to eyes graphics make PCLinuxOS stand out high of the huge number of currently available Linux distributions.

I have created numerous successful remaster copies of my custom installed PCLinuxOS 2008 Minime and I regularly distribute the copies to my friends and colleagues. There are two amazing facts which come into my observation with my distributed copies of my PCLinuxOS DVD.
1: I have always seen yet another "satisfied" Linux user once they install and use PCLinuxOS.
2: I have yet to see a person out of all of them who reports any issues with PCLinuxOS.

PCLinxOS 2008 final version is pending and impending . I think they will start releasing Test Releases
( TR ) the way they did in case of PCLinuxOS 2007. I am also interested to know if they will continue with KDE 3.5 series in the final release or will adopt KDE 4.1 when it is released.

I have no reservations or doubts of any kind to recommend PCLinxOS to a newcomer or a home user with a reassurance that this distribution will rarely fail upon you. Just go and spin the PCLinuxOS CD and see what wonders it brings for you.


simfox said...

I have to agree: PCLinuxOS really is the best linux distro out there. I've done the distro-hopping thing, with more than 30 tried out over the years, and the very best is PCLinuxOS. I'm looking forward eagerly to what Tex and the Ripper Gang will be putting together for 2008.

Anonymous said...

I also have to concur with this entire post. I have been using linux for about 2 years now -- attempting in every way to phase out my MS usage and go to a 100% linux desktop. My journey started with Fedora Core 6, then OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and even ArchLinux.... it only took me a single day to realize that PCLOS is the distro for me! Of all the great features of linux, I've never seen a distro that 'had-it-all' until I installed this baby... Drakconf is an awesome system control panel, the Hardware support is fantastic! No other distro was able to recognize my crappy broadcom wireless card without having to install non-supported drivers or patch my kernel. MY WIRELESS WORKED right from the LiveCD with pclos! Amazing. The remaster feature is a huge plus. Overall, if you've been thinking about trying out PClos but havent taken the time to downloadit yet: DO IT. I assure you it will be worth your trouble (or lack thereof)

Anonymous said...

I've been down the road of many distros, including Ubuntu, and nothing, but nothing comes close to PCLinuxOS. No command line knowledge needed, and a real live control panel application to setup your devices and system. It doesn't get much easier to install, either.

Also, I love the fact that software is one-stop-shopping - that is there's only one repo needed. It's so confusing to have all those repos to have to get your stuff from, and then there's all those different areas (universe...multiverse...nonfree...).

Another thing is that the QC on this distro is second to none. I love the Debian style "we release only when it's ready" attitude. Sure, that means that we have to wait, sometimes, for the new release to get ironed out to the developers' high standard, but that's better than a flashy new release that's bug ridden. And, the distro is a "rolling release", which means they don't reinvent the wheel every new release. That way everything stays consistent and stable.

PCLinuxOS just simplifies things that are unnecessarily over thought on other distros, without dumbing down the user. There are other easy-to-use distros out there, but they tend to feel as if they're for the total beginner.

I also love the community atmosphere over there. It makes you want to contribute, and I do - financially and through participation in community projects.

This is absolutely a first rate distro.

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Jeny said...

C'est une information très utile ...............Simfox