Friday, July 18, 2008

Virus : A paralysed object on GNU/Linux

Recently I faced two incidents when I had to format my flash drive as it would simply refuse to open at all just because it was infected with some nasty viruses ( New Folder.exe Virus ) from my office computers.

Both of the times I lost all my data in the flash because the viruses in it were so nasty that the Avast Pro antivirus on my Window$ totally refused to open it or let me scan it and I was only left with one choice : format my poor little flash drive. After formatting it I had to run R-Studio Network edition data recovery software to retrieve my data. So it was a mess, a frustration and a waste of time .

When for the third the same event hit me, suddenly it sparked in my mind that if there is any solution available to retrieve my data without formatting my flash is to open it in PCLinuxOS.

It was an amazing experience. My drive was picked up and opened up promptly on PCLinuxOS and along with my data files I could see some weird looking files lying around and staring at me with blank eyes! Out of rage and hatred that was flowing through my veins for those nasty virus files because of the sufferings they put on me twice , I just cut and pasted them into a new folder on desktop to deal with them later .

First I copied all my data and saved it at proper place and then went to fix the nasty creatures. Since I have installed Clam AntiVirus on my PCLinuxOS so I scanned my flash drive with it and once it was all clear I safely removed it : it was a rescue this time from yet another format of the poor little flash!

What did I do with those nasty little creatures who would bite me on my carotids in Windwo$ and were looking at me with the looks of "have mercy on us " in PCLinuxOS !

Well, I scanned them , and guaranteed them with Clam AntiVirus and when still my fury and anger was not pacified I shredded them with shredder mercilessly!

Revenge taken, justice done to the innocent looking little evils, thanks to my PCLinuxOS :)


Anonymous said...

What virus was it?

Anonymous said...

Less spaces before punctuations, please.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Sorry about the punctuations thingy , I am really bad with that :)

I have added the name of the Virus to the main post now.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I thought Linux was the Virus?

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Linux is indeed a cute virus :)Once it infects you it spreads and propagates and it is highly contagious!

Thanks for dropping by,I would love to write a post about the
,I am ready to read anything with open mind.

Have a good time here when ever you visit my little blog page.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm you havent actually mentioned the name of the virus.

I.E. "Win32.Awesome.Backdoor-Trojan" or something. What you have mentioned is the infected file, and probably where the virus is residing but not what the virus actually is.

Like saying you have a bacterial infection but then not identifying what it is.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

New Folder.exe is "Brontok Worm"

I googled and found a link for its details which I am linking at the main post.

But for me it was a nasty little evil no matter what name it had and I got rid of it with my PCLinuxOS:)

manmath sahu said...

Yes, it's a bad and notorious virus, generally targeting XP machines. I liked your trick on cleaning the virus at the same time retaining the data.

Keep up good work.