Thursday, July 17, 2008

Intux 1.0 A Clone of PCLinuxOS with New Graphics

I heard and read about Intux Linux project many a times. Being a PCLinuxOS fan I do give a try to any distribution which is based upon PCLinuxOS. So when I read and found the ISO of "stable" release of Intux Linux 1.0 named "Orion" from India I downloaded the DVD ISO despite the fact that they offer to send a free DVD to your door step just like Ubuntu Project.
The server doesn`t offer any MD5SUMS for the ISO so you are point blank regarding the health of your downloaded ISO.

The Intux Linux home page is displaying the message of "Intux v 1.0 release notes coming soon" for last many days but still no news about it anywhere.

It was a typical PCLinuxOS 2008 custom made DVD with the addition of Intux Linux team personal graphics, so nothing exciting till that stage.

The Project Leader has reported on PCLinuxOS forum that this release will have both KDE & Gnome but I opted for KDE and went for install straight away.

It was a plain PCLinuxOS installation with nothing additional.

Upon reboot the first thing I faced on running apt-get update was a weird error shown here.

I tried correcting it from repositories settings by enabling direct connect to the Internet but that did not work. I sent an email to the Intux Project Leader Rupesh Kumar Shah regarinding this issue but I have not heard from it till now.

The Intux Control center is graphically modified PCLinuxOS center with no additions. Overall Intux 1.0 is a remaster of PCLinuxOS 2008 with added graphics and theme adopted from Granular Linux 1.0.

Since the repositories error left me with a dead Intux system so I had no choice but to kill it as my excitement was over soon with it.

I read on Granular Linux , it was a suggestion for Intux Project to join and help build Granular Linux rather than to take a solo flight. I believe Intux Project has the right and choice to continue with their efforts but they should consider what they offer to the end users . I have no hesitation to say that it was a waste of bandwidth, a DVD and time that I put in Intux 1.0 as I have a far better working personal custom made PCLinuxOS DVD than what Intux 1.0 offered me.


manmath sahu said...

Hi Saleem,

Nice judgement! I also did install Intux and had similar experience. And I dare say that it's the most uncreative remaster of pclinux. Nothing to offer new, and, as you have observed, very frigid community. Granular is 100 times better than this Intux.

I just wonder why some developers plunge in to remastering only to result in a shoddy version. I am also going to post a blog on this remaster. It's a total disaster.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Hello manmath sahu ,

I have tested almost all the "remastered" versions of PCLinuxOS incuding Lapis Linux from turkey and with no bias against Intux but this is a useless effort by this "project".

Granular is simply the best Indian version of PCLinuxOS,it`s not even a remaster,it has its own identity.

I wonder what such projects as Intux gain from re inventing a wheel which is squre shaped and at times zigzag!