Monday, June 30, 2008

My three wishes from Elive

Elive is good enough out of all those who offer this windows manager ( like opengeu and pce17os ) , it is stable and it works. Elive is cleanly dissected like you see clean dissected muscles,nerves,vessels,facia etc in Gray`s anatomy diagrams.

I have 3 points to raise for elive

1: The packages, panels ,menus, etc should have at least names/tags....permanent or visible when you point at them.

2: remasterme or mklivecd option: I would be more than happy if somehow i could make my custom made remaster copies of elive.That's the ultimate power an end user have over a distro. You do fine resection, tweaking, selective packages installation , updates and then spin your own iso and just use that at any time.

3: Elive team should not charge whatsoever amount is when end user is downloading it, this hush away so many users who fall for other useless distros.
I might be wrong, but that's what i feel will benefit elive end users.I just want everyone to benefit from elive , it`s worth usage as are Suse and Mandriva and others.


Samir Rana said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm. its 30th june post and today is 14 july. wonder why you are not churning up posts like u used to? hope you are not ill or hope you are not sick by writing so many commentless posts! lol... just joking buddy. keep up the good work. you shine! by the way where r u?

Samir Rana said...

hey didn't i tell you to make spelling corrections in your profile? sharmawol de okro yaar!

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

I have lots of posts written but waiting to be uploaded,only if I had enough of time from my hospital!

Comments or no comments,I will carry on with my work,but comments do boost my energy , even yours too :)

Don`t ask me to correct spells,if I don`t make spells mistakes would I be a shrink!