Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LDR | Not just yet another Arch Linux Fork ?

Release of  new linux distributions based upon existing major and well known distributions is a common day happening in the linux world today . Ubuntu is known for having countless forks . Recently Arch Linux has gathered lot of spotlight and some distributions based upon Arch Linux have come forwards . LDR  is one  of those Arch Linux based distributions which was added to the "Distributions on the Waiting List" of  DistroWatch.com on 2011-04-11.

As described by its developer Tom Medhurst
" LDR stands for Linux Done Right. It is an Arch Linux derrived GNU/Linux distro which has many software components pre-configured so you can just install and get on with it! "

Here is the LDR`s official website with the initial details about this distribution . 

LDR has its own repository with custom made packages not available in Arch`s repositories. I had a chance to test two of the released isos of LDR i.e ldr-1.0 and ldr-1.06 both as live cd and in vmware . Although I had no good luck with the live cd due to issue with Nvidia driver but on vmware LDR was quite impressive.

As LDR is in the early stages of development I am not expecting lot from it . I will closely follow this distribution with hope that it will improve with time and will stand on its own feet rather than disappearing into obscurity like many other forks .

Best of luck to LDR . 


Barnaby said...

Thanks for that piece of info Saleem. And all the best. Hope the health scare is better now.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Thank you Barnaby,

I am much better now with the prayers of all my friends and loved ones.