Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mandriva Cooker is alive and shining !

We all know that Mandriva project,the Paris based Linux company, recently faced lot of troubles due to financial turmoil with rumours of the expected demise . But the things are not as bad as they were predicted and the project is actively working towards the expected new releases as announced on Mandriva mailing lists recently.

Mandriva has lived for years on my home computer but mostly with the stable release. With recent unfortunate events the upgrades I was getting on my Mandriva were quite slow so I decided to switch to "cooker". The decision was a bit risky because cooker is not meant for production machines but I took the risk and I am not regretting it.

I am running cooker on daily basis and as expected I am getting loads of updates daily with occasional glitches which are normal with cooker but which get fixed easily . All the packages are latest e.g Firefox 4.0b7 and I am enjoying every bit of using Mandriva with cooker.

I am expecting that next stable release will be good enough to make us forget the bad days we faced with Mandriva in past many months.

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