Monday, November 24, 2008

Lapis Linux I Not yet another PCLinuxOS remaster

While PCLinuxOS development is stale and going on behind curtains where no one from the development team is willing to answer any question either at forum , to emails and nor at IRC #pclinuxos help , there is another project lead by Erkan Kaplan a Germany based Turkish who is working tirelessly on Lapis Linux .

Lapis Linux is not just yet another community remastered copy of PCLinuxOS but a total pure work started from scratch. They started their project basing it on Tinyme 2008 but building it from zero ,making and baking every brick themselves. So it is not reinventing wheel again but getting an idea from an existing project but putting all the efforts with their own hard work.

Lapis Linux is purely Turkish Language distribution and GNOME is the main desktop environment. Till version 1.0.1 released on 11/08/2008 it was almost impossible to use it in English but everything was in Turkish and it was impossible to boot it and proceed. But since it is under extremely active development they have moved to 1.0.2 Yavuz (RC4) released on

We are moving forward to lzma supported RPM packages with this version.So, there are lots of packages which should be packaged again. As we see those packages, we'll fix them. And yes there will be English support with this version." it is clear that the development is going on progressively and things will settle down sooner.

There is an active forum for Lapis Linux but since everybody speaks Turkish there so it might not of much help to English speaking people but those interested to participate and report issue can reach the development team on Lapislivecd mailing list & Lapis Linux .

The current development version of Lapis Linux 1.0.2 RC4 can be downloaded from Lapis Linux main website for testing purpose.The development team can also be reached at IRC Freenode #turklug & #lapislinux but many of them don`t speak English so that might not of much help.

Lapis Linux is indeed a great news for those who want to use PCLinuxOS and are not happy with their development pace. Lapis Linux is a good alternate and a pure work .

I urge all to give it a try, they might be disappointed currently if it did not work but will not be once it comes up with another stable release which does not look too far with their fast development work going on tirelessly.


oldog1984 said...

i down loaded it when booted up hit f2 pick english enter live cd booted up shows up in turkish can you help to fix would like to ck. it out

Dr.Saleem Khan said...


very easy.
F2-->English---boot-->enter root( user )--->enter lapis (password)-->on desktop
apt-get update--->open gnome/pclinuxos control center-->set locale to US---uninistall locale tr ( turkish ) through synaptic----logout--re login again with same as above---you are all set for english--install and enjoy Lapis Linux in english.

Hope this works for you, it did for me perfectly.

alan said...

Ok i can get log in i have to start under safe mode. i am on desktop but i am I know this may be asking a lot. can you explain any better [apt-get update--->open gnome/pclinuxos control center-->set locale to US---uninistall locale tr ( turkish ) through synaptic----logout--re login again]i don't understand where everything is i even put a mini 2008 in another computer to try to walk myself thur but that is not helping.if you can help it will be great thanks

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

oldog1984 & alan ,

Please see the new post

Hope it works for you this time.


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