Saturday, November 22, 2008

Distro Lost!

PCLinuxOS is stale and nobody from PCLinuxOS is willing to say anything about the repositories which are frozen despite the fact that it was said "just few days" on their forum.
It is the time to move on to something other than PCLinuxOS and I have two distributions in my list.
I request all those who drop by here to suggest pros and cons of both and which one is superior to other in different aspects.
I am patiently waiting for your kind suggestions and remarks.


angel chen said...

Just use those mainsteam ones like Ubuntu or Debian.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

thanks for reply angel chen,

used both ubuntu and debian lenny .

ubuntu worked for me till 7.10, after that there us some serious bug which I have reported that diistorts display for my Nvidia card and nothing seems to fix it.

Debian Lenny installer has an issue too,it disturbs the whole partitions table , renaming all partitions into an odd sequence.

So these both are out of my list.

manmath sahu said...

May be you have found something interesting in Sidux and Kanotix, but I would like you to use Debian Lenny (due soon) and Mepis 8, if you at all like to make a move from pclos. But I am sure the issues at pclos will be resolved soon and you will back home to pclos when its 2009 final hits the desktop world.

For now, best of luck!