Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Best Linux Desktop Distribution for Home Users

This is my recently published article on Raiden`s Realm

Being as an advocate of GNU/Linux Home User I am speaking for myself and for thousands like me who are not Linux experts but either hobbyists or just using Linux as an alternate Operating System on their home computers.

I received a generous response from world over , I am thankful to Steve Lake for encouraging me by posting my article on his website . I am positive that I shall write more articles for all my friends at my earliest .

Please leave your comments for adding and aiding into my little knowledge.


soni said...

Liked what I read. Good work.

source said...

Hello respected Doctor i have read u r article i think windows is better than linux in one thing although windows is not so secure.
i.e for developement purposes using .net tech and other thing is greater software support is avaliable for windows.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Hi Source,

Indeed Windows has it`s merits but a Home User is not involved in any sort of developmental work most of the times Windows this plus point is of no use to them.

Greater softwares support for free from Open Source is also there for Linux Home Users.

source said...

where can i get linux and what about the device drivers of the latest hardware.Which version of linux is better for the developers who use the microsoft dot net technologies or what is the alternative for .net in linux.

Selina said...

Good for people to know.