Saturday, August 25, 2007

ALT Linux Desktop 4.0 Released

The long awaited ALT Linux Desktop 4.0 from Russia has been released on Friday 24Th Aug 2007.

The official release announcement & release notes are still awaited.

ALT Linux supports English along with Russian language. To select English language on ALT Linux Desktop 4.0, press F2 & then select the 3rd option from the top.

The ALT Linux Desktop 4.0 offers KDE 3.5.7 in the base system & Gnome 2.16, Ice WM 1.2.30 in contrib. (thanks to gvy for this info)

ALT Linux offers an English mailing list at Community-en Info Page

ALT Linux Bugzilla page with English language support at Bugzilla Main Page
The DVD ISO can be downloaded from main ALT Linux ftp server & mirrors links.

Here are quick links for the ALT Linux Desktop 4.0 DVD

1: Main Link for Download: dvd4.iso

2: Mirror link for Download: dvd4.iso

Torrent for ALT Linux 4.0: ALTLinux Desktop 4.0.0 i586 dvd4

Please virify MD5SUM after downloading the torrent with : 4.0.0/iso/MD5SUM

Happy ALT Linux Desktop 4.0 experience to everybody and many thanks for ALT Linux team & developers for releasing another nicely crafted Desktop Linux Distribution for Linux users world over.

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