Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two Rolling Release Distributions

PCLinuxOS .92
I am using Arch Linux and PCLinuxOS for past many years with PCLinuxOS dating back to V.92 and Arch Linux since early 2010 . I also used Sabayon Linux , ALT Linux , Chakra , Fuduntu and Unity Linux for different periods of times in past but never settled down with any of these for a daily usage due to many different reasons ranging from instability to facing many problems at different levels.

I prefer using a Rolling-Release Distribution and when I searched on google I found out that Arch Linux and PCLinuxOS are the commonly used Rolling-Release Distributions.

 In recent years LinuX Mint Debian Edition ( LMDE) , antiX and
siduction ( Debian based Rolling ReleaseDistributions ) have gained much popularity as well and I tried them at different stages but did not use them for much longer time periods . Worth mentioning here is semplice ( sid with openbox ) which I still like but have not tested it well enough as yet .

 Out of my perosnal experience I find both the Arch Linux and PCLinuxOS as one of the best Rolling-Release Distributions till now : they are stable, reliable,easy to configure and use and work on almost all common hardware.

I use them on daily basis and promote them to my friends , family members and to those who want to try a Linux Distribtution as a replacement for Windows. Of course I urge them to use PCLinuxOS at first and later switch to Arch Linux when they are more experienced and comfortable in handling routine Linux computing issues in command line.

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