Thursday, March 1, 2012

Arch Linux " A nightmare for "'n00bs"' , Well, not anymore !

There was a time when I was desperate to install Arch Linux like many other home users and I kept failing in doing so because I apparently lacked the core knowledge of "DIY" and "KISS" needed for Arch Linux . There was "godane" and others who tried to teach me how to get over this nightmare of installing an Arch Linux based system but I surely failed every time. It literally took me four years to overcome this nightmare of my computing life. Ever since then I have managed to install it not less than hundreds of times on many computers for my friends , colleagues and in my office.

Then came the time of Chakra , ArchBang Linux , CTKArch and KahelOS , distributions which made installing Arch Linux peanuts for everyone . But Chakra was the only one Arch forked distribution that ever impressed me.

I often ask myself : where were these talented people running relatively new but tantalizingly impressive projects like Nosonja and Bridge Linux when I was dying and striving to install an Arch Linux based system?

I was already in deep love with Bridge Linux when today I came to know about this new beauty called Nosonja !

I will not try to advertise these distributions here in my post , rather I wish that those who want to taste something real and still want to be a pure Arch Linux user must explore these two distributions, I assure them they will not be disappointed at all .

I don`t need to get these two installed because I am already running Arch Linux on my computers but since I am so impressed by both these projects in true sense that I am going to install both of these distributions on my computer to enjoy the great work of both these amazing projects.  

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Albatroz said...

Thanks for your info for different distros!

For Arch distros, I use practically every day, either ArchBang, BridgeLinux, KahelOS AND the very new Arch-Liquid-Lemur (I like very much the interface design!).

I am downloading Nosonja (Thanks for the info!) to test it right now...

For Debian distros, I use mainly SalineOS (very good Remastersys option), Lubuntu and Xubuntu.

And I like playing also with Fuduntu, too!

Have a best weekend!