Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Change Mirror for PCLinuxOS LO manager from default to a faster one

PCLinuxOS uses LO manager script for downloading libreoffice directly from and then installs it for you . Somehow the default mirror for libreoffice has a snail walk like speed and it becomes painful to install libreoffice from it .

I followed these steps to change the mirror to a faster one for me .

1 ) Open the script file called lomanager located in /usr/bin as a superuser mode in a text editor

2 ) Located line 93 and change it from default to this one as shown here

Default line 93

httpsource=""$sysarchdir"/"  # http-source

Change it to

httpsource=""$sysarchdir"/"  # http-source

Save , exit and reload LO manager.

You can choose mirror that works faster for you as in my case always works perfect for me . 

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