Saturday, September 3, 2011

ALT Linux Sisyphus

ALT Linux has been my favourite distribution since 2007 when I was strictly using its "stable" "branch" only . But just like Debian stable things were quite tasteless with the aged stable packages coming with the "branch" repository release of ALT Linux .

I like and seek a rolling release distribution with the latest and greatest bleeding edge packages but I try to avoid the risks associated with "cooker" "rawhide" and "sid " . In my linux based computing life two distributions have fulfilled both of these requirements . These two distributions are Arch Linux and ALT Linux. Both these distributions provide latest packages with reliable stability but ALT Linx differ than Arch Linux in one point that you have to enable "Sisyphus" to enjoy the luxury of staying latest with the affordable reliability which is lacking with cooker , rawhide and sid .

 " Sisyphus is the unstable repository from ALT Linux Team - updated daily with free software packages . Packages updates are released on daily basis if or when there are packages updates available from their source. "

But Sisyphus is not intended for beginners because its usage may result in unpredictable behaviour with system breakage at times just like any unstable branch of any distribution . But this unexpected system-destructive behaviour is not very frequent and fortunately it is easily fixable in seasoned hands . This negative edge of sisyphus weighs lesser than the exciting upto date status of packages from kernels to any ordinary package with a bonus of lesser amount of efforts consumed to run a sisyphus based system than any other unstable branch based distribution e.g sid where lots of constant efforts are needed to keep a system in a functional state.

You might want to use ALT Linux sisyphus and worry less than use sids ,rawhaides and cooker and always stand on your toes on a very thin edge.

I hope ALT Linux team will add more packages to sisyphus because at times I find some packages lacking in it and I am sure that ALT Linux will live longer life under shadows as compared to its shinning in bright days lights counterpart distributions from west with a powerful arsenal like "Sisyphus" .

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