Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Gstreamer Plugins on Fuduntu

I like Totem Movie Player using GStreamer for playing all kind of media files . It is a bit hectic to install all totem`s plugins one by one so I prefer installing them with one single command .

Fuduntu does not offer rpm fusion repositories added by default so I enabled both free and non-free repositories from rpmfusion and installed all gstreamer plugins with one single command as below

1) To enable rpmfusion I followed these links



2 ) For Installing all gstreamer plugins I ran this command

saleem@home-pc ~ $ su -c "yum install @sound-and-video gst\*{bad,ras}"

This installed all plugins I needed . Totem plays almost all media formats without any problems.


FEWT said...

These are great, you should post them as tutorials at Fuduntu Forum. :D

Dr.Saleem Khan said...


Thanks for the suggestion, Im collecting stuff that I am using on Fuduntu and will post them on forum as you said .

manmath sahu said...

saleem bhai, great tip!

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