Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to make a "PCLiunuxOS KDE 4 Minime" ?

"MiniME" is a Live CD based on PCLinuxOS. It's called "MiniME" as it has a minimal set of packages to install and runs with the latest kernel and KDE as a desktop environment.It also comes with PCLinuxOS Control Center, the Synaptic Software Installer and xorg server.
With the PCLinuxOS draklive installer the installation is straight forward just like any PCLinuxOS installation.

PCLinuxOS MiniME 2009.1 was the last release of the Minime series from PCLinuxOS team which I have installed on my system and keep it updated regularly so it stays at the recent updated status always and I make remasters from that at regular intervals for me and my friends.

PCLinuxOS MiniME is what I always love to have handy for installation on any system .It is fast to install and build a system upon it according to my own needs.My purpose of making a KDE4 Minime is to have a fully functional and updated base system so I can install PCLinuxOS KDE4 anytime and distribute its copies too. Many of my friends have switched over to PCLInuxOS and many of the computers in our hospital now run PCLinuxOS.

Here are the few steps I followed to build this KDE Minime.
a) Installed fully updated PCLinuxOS Minime 2009.1 .
b) Replaced kde4 in place of kde in the repository line of synaptic .
c) After reload I installed " task-kde4-minimal "
This brought me to a nicely running KDE4 Minimal desktop.
d) As root deleted .kde older folder from home.
e) Changed looks of this Minime, Oxygen Icons theme is always very boring looking. I installed Glass Icon theme for which I placed a request on PCLinuxOS forum few weeks back,it really looks nice on my PCLinuxOS KDE4 Minime.

Minime is supposed to be of a minimal size to fit on a CD . The size of this Minime remastered ISO is over 630 mb and I don't know how to shrink it more. This remaster has just base packages so I am wondering what to do more to bring it to around 400 mb.

I have started a thread about this remaster on PCLinuxOS forum and I am hoping I will be getting more tips there soon.

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