Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lapis Linux KDE4 ,Can Anything be more pretty than this?

Erkan Kaplan is a workaholic , never tiring guy who is on the pursuit of something interesting and pure from GNU/Linux.

I installed the GNOME version of recently release Lapis Linux and installed KDE 4 on it as somehow I am unable to live with GNOME. I was facing problems here and there and Erkan Kaplan was never hesitant to help me with those issues.

He personally prefers KDE 4 than KDE 3 as he believes KDE3 has no more future. I was constantly pushing him for issues I was facing with my Lapis Linux KDE4 and then came a news from him that he is working on a pure KDE4 version of Lapis Linux .

It was hardly a week and here is the KDE 4 Lapis Linux released. I am posting from the Live DVD of it at the moment . I have tested many KDE 4 distributions and nothing could be as pretty as this Lapis Linux KDE4 desktop is.Erkan has put all his best efforts to make this version in a very short time.The Lapis Linux KDE4 can be downloaded from Lapis Linux official site .It is a DVD ISO with size over 700MB so you have to burn it to a DVD.

There is another good news with this release. Those who want Lapis Linux in English are not supposed to worry about setting locales this time. Just press F2 on boot menu and your Lapis system will boot to this nice looking desktop in English language .

Installation is straightforward from the icon Lapis Linux Harddisk Installer with no hassles.The most beautiful part of the Lapis Linux Installer is that it added my BRLIX installation automatically to the GRUB menu so I don`t have to worry about reinstalling GRUB later and chain loading BRLIX.

Once you have installed Lapis Linux you boot into a perfect KDE4 desktop and the only words I can say are " Just enjoy it " :)

I am a big fan of PCLiunxOS, KDE and wanted to use KDE4 and lots of distro-hopping did not satisfy my demands .

I have no hesitation to recommend Lapis Linux to all those who want PCLinxuOS based distribution and want to have KDE4 . There might be some issues but I saw so many issues with openSuse,Fedora 10, Kubuntu 8.10 so these issues seem minor to me.Lapis Linux might not be up to the highest mark and standards but it does need testing and exploration.

I appreciate the devotion of Erkan Kaplan and I will request and urge everybody to test his work and offer him words of appreciation.

I am loving it !

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