Monday, August 4, 2008

CCux Linux 0.9.9 | Dawn of New Era or a Promise Broken Again?

CCux Linux is an Open Source i686 RPM Linux distribution and is not based upon any other distribution. It offers graphical installer and is optimized for speed.

News are that CCux Linux 0.9.9 has been released today on Monday, 04 August 2008 , this time as a DVD ISO as compared to previous version 0.9.8 released 2 years back .
Amazingly there are no public test releases for this version , so I wonder if it`s a bug-fix release of 0.9.8 with some major updates?

This release is reported to sport Kernel 2.6.26 , KDE 4.1.0 ,Gnome, XFCE and Fluxbox as Desktop environments through the installer.

Talking of the Installer this distribution was a total disappointment regards to installer in previous version.

The developers are promising that the installer and the whole installation process has been overhauled this time with major improvements. Hope these work as they promise as I had to try installing the previous version almost 4 times with no success.

Also reported on their website that the current version is available in English too once again.

CCux Linux is claimed to be designed for desktop use and for inexperienced users but my bitter experience with the previous version makes me little paranoid to get this version and even try it.It was a release in haste previously and I hope the history is not repeated once again this time.

I wonder if somebody will be ahead of me to try and review it or do I have to do it myself and know how it works this time with so many promises being made by the CCux Linux project.


Anonymous said...

Not so overcrowded mirror:

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. CCux Linux 0.9.9 is a catastrophe. I have tested quite a lot of distros during the last few weeks, but that one is definitely the worst.

1. I've let the install-DVD boot on three (!) completely different systems, all of them didn't even start the graphical installer, instead there were some errormessages and some stuff about adding the 'linux rootdelay=xx' cheatcode which I did, no difference, no matter if I set delay to 20, 30 or 50 secs. I finally got to the installer after entering 'exit' about 10 times.

2. The installer: Why giving the user a packet-selector, when the damn thing obviously don't install all of the slelected things? For example: I chose 'Gnome' and 'Fluxbox', afterwards I didn't find a sign of the Gnome-windowmanager on my hdd, just fluxbox.

3. The first boot run: Oh my god.. I thought the installer was crap, so maybe it gets better after install.. Well, it doesn't. The kernel starts with an unbelievable high number of errormessages and hangs, i.e. @ anacron:CUPS - almost one minute, maybe to find out that there is no printer attached? Whoever compiled that stuff together in that way must have been stoned or so, something I was sure about when entering the login manager: Login as root greeted me with the lovely message that my last session was only 10 secs ... WTF??? IT's MY FIRST LOGIN! BAM!-back to login manager.. superb!

4. I managed to get into fluxbox. The standard-toolset was more than disappointing: No screenresolution-changer, no usermanagement and most disturbing: NO PACKET/UPDATEMANAGER!!

Absolutely shocking! If they called that piece of shit 'release 0.001 pre-alpha' I'd understand such trouble. ->'0.5 out of 10'

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Indeed,I knew it that they can`t keep the promise!

Thanks to you,I will keep myself away from this distro as much as possible. :)