Friday, May 30, 2008

SaxenOS goes PCLinuxOS

SaxenOS from Germany once based on Slackware and Zenwalk-based distribution with the Xfce desktop and designed for older, low-specification computers adopts PCLinuxOS as its base and Xfce desktop

SaxenOS 2008 beta 2 has been released and can downloaded from their home page.

This is a major change and looks promising .

This version 2008 was release in cooperation with the BdH Dresden .

I will grab a copy myself and test install this newly re designed distribution soon.


Samir Rana said...

salim check this out.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...


I checked it out, says my blog is worth 0 $ :)

Buddy, my blog will never be worth millions $ as it`s more of a hobby at present than business, may be someday it makes me richer than BG $$ :)

How rich you want to be with your blog :P

Petitbob said...

hello saleem,

i am very happy to read your blog. nice papers and reviews
i am also doctor (french) and i love linux.

my blog :

@+ petitbob

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Hello Petitbob,

Thanks for dropping by at my blog page and for your comments. It is nice to see a medical colleauge with same interests :)

I like your blog page,it is very professionally made but I guess you need to write in english too so that many people can benefit from it .

Keep the good work going on.


Samir Rana said...

if you want to read his blog in english get babel fish from yahoo

Dr.Saleem Khan said...


I used google translation to read it, but instead of using translation tools we can write in english as well as in our native languages so that everybody gets a chance to read what you write for the masses.