Thursday, May 1, 2008

A PCLinuxOS Blog

I was looking for some information regarding PCLinuxOS and a blog page ran by Manmath Sahu popped out in front of me.

This guy is a true Fan of PCLinuxOS and I guess all home users can benefit from his writings.He is collecting important information and write about howtos and much more about PCLinuxOS and GNU/Linux in general .

I will mark it as a "must read" in my favourites.


Samir Rana said...

i know its becoming impossible for us to meet online. i am often not in the mood because i am having trouble with validating my blog's html. its bothering me a lot. any suggestions?
the other thing i am concerned is why you have no discussions on your articles. you are prompt in writing but wonder why there is less focus on your articles. i guess you need to change your style (just a little bit!) focus on THE CONTENT. i am not a linux-licker but i think you need to target national audience more. maybe build a local community first. have a position in linux lovers in your own city, country first. i would like to see more pakistanis visiting your blog.
hope u get something out of these comments. i have to run to office now. see ya later (i hope!)

manmath sahu said...

hi saleem,

i found your blog very interesting. please keep up posting more. by the way, i tried the latest pclinuxos minime 2008 final. it's tiny, fast and eye-candy...

...and thanks for those nice words about my blog...

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Hello Manmath,

Thanks for your reply and comments.
PCLinuxOS is indeed a "Pure distro hopper stopper" Rock solid stability ,radically simple with userfriendliness:that`s what PCLinuxOS is about.

I have installed and made many remasters of PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008. I am simply Loving it.

I am also a big fan of Granular Linux and currently using it`s version 1.0 and it is awesome.

Tinyme is another of my favourite PCLinuxOS remaster and the latest stable version 2008 is simply the best.

I have no complaints with these nicely made distributions and I highly recommend them to all home users.