Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pardus 2007.3 Desktop Screenshot

Pardus GNU/Linux 2007.3 Desktop with "Crystal" theme, Vista Aqua wallpaper ( I hope Vi$ta does not offend my friends,but I like this wallpaper ) and Cairo-dock with MacOSX theme"

I took this screenshot with Ksnapshot, it`s fun to enjoy two of my best rated , favourite desktop GNU/Linux Distributions i.e PCLinuxOS 2008 Minime and Pardus Desktop Linux 2007.3 as dual boot.

I urge all home users to try any of these distributions , you will be happy with their shiny looks , user friendliness and out of the box rock solid stability.

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Clive said...

OK Doc you convinced me to go to the 'other' side - at least for wallpaper. I love it! Can you send me a url or whatever to get a copy? PCLOS is in the process of putting Cairo in their repository so I can add the Mac bar eventually! Nice work.