Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eye Candy of Cairo-Dock for Home Users

I often repeat that GNU/Linux Home Users strive for stability ,user friendliness and beauty for their desired and chosen distributions.

Cairo-dock is an animated and very beautiful application launch bar displayed on the desktop comparable to Mac OS X's Dock but offers more options in it.

It is themable , re sizable and can be easily ran and exited at any time. It is compatible with Beryl ,Compiz-fusion and KDE through Kwin .

The Cairo-dock Home Page is offering further details about this light eye-candy tool for any GNU/Linux desktop.

The project page for Cairo-dock is found at BerliOS where the latest binaries are available for download and you can submit your bugs or feature requests.

I installed Cairo-dock on my Pardus 2007.3 desktop through "Pisi" package manager and it works seamlessly.

PCLinuxOS 2008 doesn`t offer Cairo-dock package and I wish that Texstar and his team should not keep us deprived from this beautiful tool when we have almost everything available on PCLinuxOS repositories.

I have also put a request for Cairo-dock Granular Package at the forum of Granular Linux . Lets hope Anurag and Chrisz considers making these packages for Granular 1.0 Final which is to be released sooner I guess.

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