Saturday, December 8, 2007

KANOTIX 2007-Thorhammer-RC7 Installation & Configuration

KANOTIX is a GNU/Linux distribution Live CD based on Debian with advanced hardware detection. It can run from a CD-ROM drive without using a hard disk but can be installed to hard disk if intended . Current version is KANOTIX 2007-Thorhammer-RC6b released on 24/10/2007 is based on Debian Etch and can be downloaded from here.

KANOTIX uses KDE as the default desktop environment as Kano is KDE fan . GNOME and other window managers can be downloaded using APT.

The name "KANOTIX" is derived from the founder's nickname "Kano".Kano is a famous character from Mortal Kombat PC Game. KANOTIX's mascot is a Fangtooth.

Hint: If your /dev/hdX drives are running without DMA then hdX=none should be used as cheatcode. This is most often needed for motherboards based on Intel chipsets.

How to Install KANOTIX

"acritoxinstaller" could be (from livecd)

In shell follow these commands to update "acritoxinstaller" as follows.
apt-get update
apt-get install acritoxinstaller acritoxinstaller-kanotix
Acritox Installer from Andreas Loibl is a graphical install program with many new functions and installs KANOTIX easily in 15-20 minutes to hard disk.

Install new Kernel

Once KANOTIX is installed to hard disk the latest updated 2.6.24 kernel can be installed via shell as follows.
1 : wget -N ; unp kernel-update-pack-generic-.tar.gz ; cd kernel-update-pack-generic ; ./

OR manually install the Kernel downloaded and saved in home as
2: unp kernel-update-pack-generic.tar.gz ; cd kernel-update-pack-generic ; ./

When Kernel is successfully installed after reboot run
if you had installed binary gfx drivers before.

As devices names for CD-ROM could also change on boot you should run fix/
after reboot.
In case of boot problems boot old kernel.

Install Nvidia Driver
"nvidia" could be installed as as follows
[Alt] + [Ctrl] + [F1] --> login as root ;

Install KDE 3.5.8
You have to add deb to your /etc/apt/sources.list as below
echo deb ./ >> /etc/apt/sources.list
then do this
apt-get dist-upgrade

These are just basic notes, will add more to it on regular basis, stay tuned please and enjoy KANOTIX experience, use it ,share it with others!

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