Thursday, August 9, 2007

Break Through !

After years of stumbling around not knowing how & where to put my thoughts & experiences with Linux Distributions & Open Source world together finally my friend Babar Haq put me on the track of writing down blogs and share what I have to offer with whole world.

So here I dedicate my first post in the name of my ever supportive friend Babar Haq from Copyleft Solutions

Hope this blog takes its shape with time and I will be able to post things on regular basis.


Damir said...

More content needed!

Babar Haq said...

All the best Saleem saab. Dont forget me once your are famous :)

Aamir Shahzad said...

Thanks 4 blogging

عامر شہزاد said...

اپنے حالات لینکس کو دینا کے ساتھ شیئر کرنا کا بہت شکریہ